CPU / CNC Plasma with working area 2/6 m , complete set with source

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The machine can be equipped with a plasma source of the American company Thermal Dynamics.
We recommend the AutoCut XT series and a higher-grade plasma source for cutting metals, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals up to 40 mm thick - a true quality cut that includes two models: AutoCut 200XT and 300XT.
The burner for these source models is the XT 301-Torch Technology, which is characterized by high precision cutting.
The warranty of the coordinate machine and the electronics is 6 months, the plasma source - 2 years, the burner - 1 year.
The price includes training and familiarization with the machine, control management and adjustment of plasma cutting unit parameters, after-sales consultations and technical support.
The plasma source is not included in the price. The appropriate source model and equipment to it depends on the purpose of the machine and the thickness of the material to be cut.
The price is without VAT.

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